Make $70,000+ Monthly from Amazon/Clickbank Affiliate Program

Yes exactly you can do it. I am going to explain everything. you don't have any technical knowledge. Just need a knowledge to do the promotion.

How I Earned $72,339.14 to Buy a Mercedes Car of My Dreams in Just a Month.

How I Earned $72,339.14 to Buy a Mercedes Car of My Dreams in Just a Month.

Do you have enough money? Do you have everything you’ve been dreaming of? Are you happy with how your life is going? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then just don’t waste your time.

Those who answered ‘No’, go on reading. I’ll tell you how to quit your annoying full time job and start earning $200 or $300 a day just in 2 days, from the comfort of your home.

This method is 100% working & confirmed by many people. No need any technical knowledge.

To your motivation, I am showing my loving car, and also I have built a luxury house. Now I am a traveler. I am traveling around the world. OK, Let’s begin!

Most of the succeeded internet people won’t tell anything how they succeeded. There are so many tricks and tips. You can’t see real tricks from any blog, all the guys are telling same and general things. But I am going to help you to be a millionaire. Change your life, Now I am going to tell you the truth you never seen in the internet.

First of all you should know what is the meaning of Affiliate Program?
“Affiliate marketing is an ideal home business because it doesn’t require much money to get started, and you don’t have produce, stock or ship product inventory, or deliver a service.”


You will get unique affiliate key when you register on amazon affiliate program. And you can put your link in your website.  Also same as from Clickbank too.

When some one just click on your link and go to the Amazon website. That person no need to buy the product at that time, it will keep a browser cookie record 90 days.
So after 1 week or 2 week if that particular person buy the product direct from amazon, you’ll get the commission for that. Because Amazon tracking system already know you are the affiliate refereed that customer. That is the method is an Affiliate marketing. (Clickbank option is also same as that.)

Sign up for both programs here (For amazon you should have a completed website before sign up there, but you can sign up for clickbank without website.)

  1. Amazon affiliate program :
  2. Clickbank affiliate program :

You must give your real details when you are doing the registration, because Amazon can track every fake details. (I also don’t know how they are doing that.). They will definitely disable your account if you have giving fake details.
(If you are a US person you have to fill the Tax form, others no need to fill the tax form, but read and follow the steps mentioned in the control panel)

You can withdraw earnings directly to your bank account or as a cache cheque.
I made $19,732.88 USD within a week.


Yes. You also can make it. Let’s start now.

What should you have ?

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. Amazon or clickbank ID

So your problems are, where to buy a domain name and hosting ?  and how to create a professional website ?

Where to buy the hosting ?
I highly recommend you to buy the hosting from this company (Click here). This company is giving FREE DOMAIN NAME FOREVER and Unlimited hosting, Unlimited bandwidth and everything unlimited. total cost $35USD for both for hosting and domain. If you buy from you have to spend almost $100 for unlimited hosting with two domains. hostgator is also very high cost. so you can buy very cheaply reputable hosting from ipage (Click Here)

How to decide the domain name?
Instead of targeting one niche, I recommend you to go with global various product from all categories. So we can target worldwide people. So you can find domain name covering any products store. “” like domain name.

OK, Now you can buy hosting with domain name. When you buy hosting here domain name will be FREE as I mentioned above.

Right, Now you have domain and hosting. Then you need a website.

How to create an Amazon or Clickbank website ?
You can easy to find the cheap free lancers in (Click here) (Fiverr is very reputable company for making websites, there are many talented developers, experienced developers. Just order the GIG there and create fully completed website). You can give your domain name and hosting to them. They will deliver fully completed work.
After you get the website you can sign up for amazon or clickbank affiliate program FREE. Then you will get your unique store ID. ask developer to add your affiliate ID there. they will complete the job with it.

So now, you have a fully complete website (or two sites – amazon and clickbank).

Now Start Making Money Online


You can submit your website to Google and Bing search engines, create sitemap. also do some SEO for the website. Your website will show top page in search results after few weeks or months. Then you will be started to reeving earnings automatically. You can find best seo experts are in fiverr. (Click Here)

Download some social media marketing tricks here : Download PDF

See my latest earnings :




Guys, you must do above steps daily if you want to go ahead. Not for the lifetime. only for one month, after you starting to receive Dollars yourself individually motivate or you can hire someone to promote your website paying some money to them.

You will be a boss. You can hire more people after 5-6 months. You can start your own company. Hire more ladies and gents. start writing articles regarding your website Google will optimize your website as a fresh website. your success never one can stop. I did this, that’s why I am telling. You trust about yourself. don’t give up.


“Wish you all the best. Have a bright future”


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